Amabrush – The world’s first automatic toothbrush

The world’s first toothbrush which will clean your teeth in just 10 secs is here. And, it is automatic too! All you need to do is press a button, wait for 10 secs and get perfectly clean teeth.

Amabrush is made up of three components – a silicone mouthpiece, a handpiece and toothpaste capsules. The handpiece is magnetically connected to the mouthpiece and can be shared among different family members. The mouthpiece is made of 3-D bristles which are soft enough to prevent gum disease and hard enough to clean your teeth.



The mouthpiece vibrates when inserted into the mouth causing the bristles to oscillate. It is made of antibacterial silicone that kills 99.99% of bacteria. A right amount of toothpaste foam from the capsule is automatically transferred to the mouthpiece. The capsule lasts for around a month. After use, Amabrush can be cleansed by normal rinsing. Amabrush comes with an integrated battery which lasts for 28 sessions.

This amazing toothbrush helps save a lot of time. It does away with scrubbing, rinsing and flossing and helps you maintain perfectly healthy teeth in the most efficient manner.


  1. Kickstarter – Amabrush