A small marine world, the aquarium, is a beautiful invention. It brings you closer to nature and it can actually act as a stress buster. Try watching the fish swim in water and experience the wonder!

Jeanne Villepreux-Power was a French naturalist. She was originally a dressmaker but her interest lay in doing scientific research. She was excited by life and its mysteries. After moving to Sicily after marriage, she started her scientific study of marine life.

In 1932, she started studying the paper nautilus (a type of octopus), particularly its shell. There was a doubt as to whether the nautilus developed its own shell or it was acquired. She needed to observe the nautilus closely in order to determine how the shell developed. This led to invention of the modern glass aquarium. She was able to note that the nautilus developed shell as larvae and it could also repair the shell using a substance secreted from its membranes.

She made three variants of the aquarium – one designed to be used indoors, one placed in a cage to be set in shallow water and one anchored to the sea floor.

Keeping fish in an aquarium soon became a popular hobby. It also allowed people to study marine life more closely.


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