baby carriage

Originally intended as an amusement toy, baby carriage today is an indispensable part of families with babies.

It was in 1733 that the first model of a baby carriage took shape. The Duke of Devonshire asked William Kent, a famous landscape designer to design something for his kids’ entertainment. Kent obliged and designed a stroller which had a shell shaped basket on wheels in which children could sit. The basket was provided with a harness and could be pulled by a goat or small pony.

Over time, a number of improvements were made to the carriage to suit requirements. Some of them being addition of brakes and handles which enabled parents to push the carriage. The carriages became very popular by 1840s. Queen Victoria is said to have bought three carriages from Hitchings Baby Store of Ludgate Hill.

William H. Richardson further improved on the design of the carriage. He devised a special joint which allowed the bassinet to be turned to face the handle, thus inventing the first reversible stroller. He also made some structural changes which allowed the wheels to move individually. This made it easier to maneuver the carriage. He was granted patent for baby carriage in the United States on June 18, 1889.

Thanks to this invention, taking your baby outside for a walk doesn’t seem difficult anymore.

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