Cuts, scrapes and bruises are a part of everyone’s lives and so they were for a young housewife,  Josephine Dickson from New Jersey. She would often cut or burn herself while cooking for her dear husband, Earle Dickson.

Bandages had been around for quite some time but none with an adhesive, which could be used effectively by Mrs. Dickson. The bandages available were not easy to use and required the help of another person.

Earle was an employee at the pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey.

He was inspired by his wife to create an adhesive bandage. He took an adhesive strip and placed cotton gauze at regular intervals along the strip. All that was needed to be done when required was to cut off a length of the strip and wrap it over cuts. Josephine could now use the adhesive bandage without any assistance.  

Earle told his superior at work about his new invention which impressed him. Soon, adhesive bandages were being produced and sold under the world famous band-aid® trademark. Earle was promoted to the position of Vice President in the company, where he worked until retirement.

Today, bandages based on themes such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Superman, Spider-Man, Hello Kitty, Barbie etc are very popular.

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