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bubble wrap

Pop! Everyone loves to create that sound by bursting the air pockets of a bubble wrap 🙂

We use bubble wrap to cushion delicate china or glassware without giving a thought as to how it came to be invented. You will be surprised to know that bubble wrap was originally invented for a completely different purpose.  

Bubble wrap was first invented in 1957 by two engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. They were actually trying to invent a textured plastic wallpaper but failed in marketing it. Fielding and Chavannes soon came up with the idea of using their invention for packaging. This led to the invention of bubble wrap.

During the manufacturing process, a sheet of polythene is wrapped tightly around the outside of a drum that has a regular arrangement of holes in it. Suction draws the film through the holes to create the bubbles, which become fixed when a second sheet is added to trap the air. This results in a lightweight packaging material – the bubble wrap!

Fielding and Chavannes founded Sealed Air Corporation to develop and market their accidental product. This New Jersey based company is a worldwide manufacturer of packaging materials with annual revenues exceeding $4 billion. Today, Bubble wrap is widely used for packing and shipping consumer goods.

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