Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love the yummy and delicious chocolate chip cookies! I’m sure you would be interested in knowing who first prepared these cookies. Well, these amazing cookies were invented by Ruth Wakefield. Ruth worked as a dietitian and food lecturer after completing her graduation from the Framingham State Normal School Department of Household Arts in 1924. She, along with her husband Kenneth Wakefield, bought an old toll house on the outskirts of Whitman, Massachusetts(originally built in 1709) and started providing home cooked meals to weary travelers.

The story of how chocolate chips found their way in the cookies is interesting. Ruth would bake fresh cookies which were enjoyed by her guests. One day, while preparing to bake a new batch of cookies, she realized that she was short of chocolate. She decided to improvise and added pieces of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate into the cookie mix hoping that the chocolate would melt and achieve the same result as chocolate would have had. The end product was surprisingly, a cookie which tasted a lot better than the original one  and had a crunch provided by the added bits of chocolate. This was the invention of the now famous ‘chocolate chip cookies’.

Ruth decided to call the new cookies, ‘Toll House Crunch Cookies’. These cookies were immensely loved and became widely popular. As the popularity of the cookies grew, so did the demand for Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate bars. Andrew Nestle and Ruth Wakefield together came up with deal wherein Nestle would print the Toll House Cookie recipe on its package and Wakefield would be given a lifetime supply of Nestle chocolate.


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