disposable diapers

Disposable diapers are a blessing for all parents.

Cloth diapers which were in use earlier posed a myriad of problems. A swedish paper mill tried its hand at inventing disposable diapers in 1936 which used pads of paper inside rubber pants. These diapers were a complete failure since the padding was rough against the skin and crumbled into balls when exposed to moisture.

It was Marion Donovan, a housewife, who gave the world its first disposable diaper. She was tired of the hassles involved in using cloth diapers – diaper rash and the amount of time spent in changing and washing soiled clothes and bedsheets. She used a shower curtain to sew a cover to go over the cloth diapers. This diaper, which she called ‘boater’ was water proof. It prevented leaks and diaper rash.

Donovan improved on the diapers by using plastic snaps instead of diaper pins. She was initially unsuccessful in selling her boater to manufacturers. She then hired a company to make them for her and started selling them through Saks Fifth Avenue. Two years later, she sold her company and patents to the Keko Corporation for $1 million.


Diaper (CC BY-SA 2.0) by kikaider

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