Source: EcoHelmet

Safety on the road is of utmost importance especially when you are riding a bike. Bike share programs are widely used around the world but the cyclists rarely use a helmet owing to the fact that they are inconvenient to carry.  

Isis Shiffer, an Industrial Design graduate from New York City has come up with just the solution. She has designed the EcoHelmet keeping bike share programs in mind. EcoHelmet is a 100% recyclable helmet which folds flat.

Source: EcoHelmet

The helmet has a unique radial honeycomb pattern due to which any impact is distributed evenly around the head making it as effective as a polystyrene helmet. The helmet has a biodegradable coating which makes it resistant to rain for up to three hours. The helmet is collapsible and could be easily dispensed through vending machines. The helmet fits most head sizes and is very cost effective.

EcoHelmet has won the 2016 International James Dyson Award, a prestigious design award given to university students.

Shiffer envisions that the helmet could be made available for purchase at bike rentals and recycled after use. She hopes to conduct more research to make the EcoHelmet stronger, more water-resistant, and ready for mass production.




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