electric razor


Shaving – Lather free! The invention of electric razor did just that. During the later part of the nineteenth century, the most commonly used shaving device was the cut-throat razor. The invention of electric razor removed the hassles of using shaving cream, soap and water thus making the process of shaving less clumsy and more time efficient. 

Electric razor was invented by Col.Jacob Schick. He patented the shaving machine on 13th May, 1930. It was the first dry razor to be invented. The idea of inventing such a device came to him when he was recuperating from an injury which he sustained while exploring for gold in Alaska in the early 1910s. His plan for the razor included a shaver with a shaving head driven by a flexible cable and powered by an external motor. However his plan was rejected by manufacturers as it was quite bulky.

Schick returned to active military duty during World War I due to which he could not work on the razor and had to put his plan on hold. Later, Schick went back to developing the dry electric razor and he was finally successful in creating an electric razor which was marketable. Schick sold the assets of his razor company in 1928 in order to capitalize his invention.

The Remington Rand Corporation made further developments to the razor which included a foiled shearing head in 1937. Another important improvement was made by Alexandre Horowitz of the Philips Laboratories in the Netherlands who invented the rotating electric razor. Razors which were powered by rechargeable batteries appeared in 1960.

Electric razors were meant to be used on dry skin only. Ironically, some recent electric razors have been designed for wet/dry use so that they can be cleaned under running water.

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