Hair dryer


Wish to dry your hair quickly or style it the way you want? All you need is a blow-dry hair dryer.

The shape and style of hair can be maintained by blow drying hair. This method accelerates and controls the formation of hydrogen bonds on each of the hair strands. These strong, hydrogen bonds which aid in shaping the hair are temporary and susceptible to humidity. They are broken as soon as the hair is washed. Other hair tools such as hair curlers and straighteners, which use heat to bring the desired effect, too work on the same principle.

It was in the 1890s, that French stylist, Alexandre Godefroy introduced a hair dryer in his salon. This hair dryer consisted of a bonnet which was attached to the chimney of a gas stove.

Godefroy’s hair dryer was not portable. A person was required to sit beneath the dryer to get his hair dried or styled. Hair dryers soon became popular and gradually evolved into those which are hand held.

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