Hair spray

An invention which has made life exciting for one and all! A boon for the beauty industry!

Women loved their curls and waves back in the 1920s. They used gums and clays to hold their hair in place. There was a need for a product which would solve their hair problems.

It was actually the invention of aerosols in the 1940s that led to the invention of hair sprays. Two workers in the U.S. Department of Agriculture designed an aerosol can pressurized by liquefied gas. Aerosols were first used in the World War II to spray insecticides to kill malaria causing mosquitoes.

The beauty industry caught on to it and  realised that hair sprays could be manufactured on similar lines. Chase products, an aerosol manufacturer, is said to be the first to package hair spray. And that gave birth to hairstyles like the bouffant and beehive!

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