Hey Joe Coffee Mug – Enjoy your coffee on the go

Coffee lovers! This is for you.

Hey Joe Coffee Mug gives you freshly brewed coffee in your coffee mug at the push of a button. Now, there is no need of  brewing your coffee separately and transferring it to your mug. You can even carry the coffee mug with you. All you need to do whenever you feel like having a cuppa is to add water and coffee filter and start brewing. This mug is ideal for camping trips!

An important feature of the coffee mug is that it regulates the temperature of the coffee automatically. So, you need not worry about the coffee being too hot or too cold. Pressing the power button brews the coffee 140 degrees Fahrenheit, pressing it twice brews it at 155 degrees Fahrenheit and by pressing it thrice you get a cold drip coffee. You can drink the coffee as soon as it’s done brewing.

The Hey Joe Coffee mug has two compartments. The upper compartment stores water and the lower compartment stores the coffee. There is a tray located in the middle where you can insert the coffee. The mug comes with a detachable, rechargeable battery located at the bottom. The battery energizes the copper coils encased within the heating plate in the center of the mug which in turn heats the water. Hot water drips through the coffee filter and your coffee is ready to be consumed.

Enjoy your coffee on the go!

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