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Feeling insecure at home? Install a home security system and forget your worries!

Marie Van Brittan Brown was an American nurse. Her major concern was the insecurity she felt while she was at home due to her odd working hours. The crime rate in the neighbourhood she lived, Queens, New York, was high and the time taken by cops to arrive was rather high.

Her vulnerability prompted her to take some action. She worked with her husband, Albert L. Brown, who was an electrical technician to develop a home security system. Her system consisted of four peep holes and a camera which could slide up and down and send images to a monitor kept in the bedroom. A two-way microphone made conversation possible with the visitor. The system also included an alarm button to notify the police and a remote control to unlock the door.

The Browns received a patent for their security system in 1969. Marie also received an award from the National Science Committee for her innovation. All modern home security systems are based on the Brown’s system.

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