Ice candy

Today, 26 varieties of ice candies or ice pops, as they were originally called, are available. And believe it or not, it all started with an accident!

The story goes that in 1905, Frank Epperson of California mixed powdered soda and water aiming to make soda pop. Frank, who was eleven years old then, left the mixture outdoors overnight. When he checked the next morning, he found that the mixture had been frozen. He held the candy with the wooden stirrer which was held in place by the frozen stuff and tasted it. To his immense delight he found that the snack tasted delicious.

Epperson started selling the ice pops under the brand name Popsicles®. He patented his product in 1923. A few of years later, he sold the rights to the Joe Lowe Company in New York who became its distributors.

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