From helping a kid cope with body pain resulting from a medical condition to being the one of the most popular brands the world over, the Jacuzzi® brand has come a long way.

The story of Jacuzzi® goes back to the time when seven brothers of the Jacuzzi family migrated to California from Italy in the early 1900s. They entered the aviation industry and invented the first enclosed cabin monoplane. They later entered the agriculture industry owing to their interest in hydraulics and the thermodynamics of fluids and developed pumps for orchards.

Candido Jacuzzi, the youngest of the 7 brothers had a son named Kenneth Jacuzzi. In 1943, he developed rheumatic fever due to which he contracted juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. He was given hydrotherapy sessions at the hospital. Although the sessions gave him relief from the excruciating pain, daily visits to the hospital were not practical. Realizing the gravity of this problem, Candido thought about developing a hydraulic pump at his home so as to spare his son from frequent hospital visits.

Candido invented a hydrotherapy pump in 1956 which eased Kenneth’s pain to a large extent and made his body more flexible. The Jacuzzi family marketed the portable pump under the name J-300® to hospitals and schools. It was promoted by a popular show, ’Queen for a Day’ and soon its popularity soared. The pump could turn a normal bathtub into a relaxing and rejuvenating spa.

In 1968, Jacuzzi® developed an integrated jet whirlpool bath called the ‘Roman’. The jets produced a mix of 50/50 air and water into the bath and provided an experience like never before.

Jacuzzi® Brand hot tubs and baths are sold in over 60 countries around the world. They continue to improve upon their products and strive to provide a better experience to their customers.

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