Kangaroo Cup – To deal with Parkinson’s


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Parkinson’s disease is a disease of the central nervous system affecting a huge population the world over. It affects the body’s motor system causing a person’s hands and legs to shake. As there is no cure for the disease, the best way to handle it is to find a work around. That is exactly what 11 year old, Lily Born did.

Lily’s grandfather suffered from Parkinson’s disease. She observed that he couldn’t drink tea without spilling it. She wanted to help her grandfather and this motivated her to design a tea cup which would not tip and spill its contents. She made a model using a disposable plastic cup and attached three legs to it. Her father used to spill coffee over his keyboard while working. So, Lily decided to make a cup using porcelain instead of plastic.

Impressed with the cup, Lily’s father, Joe Born asked her if she wanted to get into production. They traveled to the world’s capital of ceramics, JingDeZhen, China. They worked on the design of the cup to make it more comfortable to hold and prepared for its production. Thus the no-spill Kangaroo cup was born. They launched a kickstarter project to fund their first production.

The Kangaroo cup has a stable base. It does not require a coaster as the legs elevate the cup from the surface. The contents of the cup do not spill over while carrying because the rim of the cup curves inwards. The cups can be stacked one over the other for easy storage.

The original Kangaroo cup made of ceramics, was breakable. Lily worked on refined prototype and went on to design a plastic cup which was more durable and came in a variety of colors.

Lily’s invention is a motivation for other kids to turn ideas into reality!


The Kangaroo cup is available to buy here:

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