Wacky Kitchen tools

1.Umbrella Tea Bag Infuser

The perfect gift for a tea lover. This tea infuser, creatively shaped like an umbrella, can be used with herbs or loose leaves. It will certainly add color and style to your family get-together or that great theme party you are throwing soon. It can also be used as a fruit infuser for you health buffs! Made of genuine silicone, it is also easy to wash and has low maintenance.

2. Microwave Cleaner

What an innovative way to clean the microwave – just let the Home-X Steam’n Mama’s head steam off and your microwave’s clean and smelling as new as ever. It runs for 7 minutes and the steam dissolves all the crud from your microwave.

3. Ice cream sandwich maker

Easy-peasy way to make homemade ice cream sandwiches. This one’s perfect for those summer days to involve your kids in some fun projects. Make an ice cream sandwich with Chef’n’s ice cream sandwich maker.  

4. Multi Kitchen Tool

Cooking is fun only when you have toys to play with! This multi purpose kitchen tool is the perfect toy. Does juicing, grating, straining, mashing and more. 8 tools combined into one. The best thing is that it stores in the smallest space – the space of a single wine bottle.

5. Octopus Ice Tray

This one’s fun – an octopus ice tray. Doesn’t it look cool?! Perfect to jazz up your drink. And the surprise on kids’ faces when you serve them up that uber cool drink! 

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