lawn sprinkler


“” (CC BY 2.0) by steve p2008

Nineteenth century saw many families in the United States move away from the city to the suburbs. They started taking interest in gardening and developed it as a hobby owing to the vast amount of space now available. Lawns started to gather interest with the introduction of city water systems.

The first patent for the lawn sprinkler was granted to Joseph Lessler of Buffalo, New York in 1871. This sprinkler however was of the stationary kind. A number of improvements were made to the sprinkler to make it more efficient.

Joseph Oswald is credited with inventing one of the first rotating and water propelled lawn sprinkler system in 1890. He improved the way in which the head of the sprinkler moved making it easy to easy to operate. This also reduced the wear and tear caused due to the constant motion of the sprinkler. A lawn sprinkler essentially consists of a hose pipe which supplies water to a metal arm. The metal arm rotates on a base thereby supplying water over a large area.


Lawn sprinklers though very popular, result in considerable wastage of water. Owing to this fact, their use is restricted in many dry regions.

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