LuminAID Solar Lantern

Source: LuminAID

Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were assigned a project when they were graduate students at Columbia University’s School of Architecture in 2010. This was at the time when a massive earthquake had struck Haiti. The project was to design a product which would help in relief work as part of disaster management.

Anna and Andrea visited the site of the earthquake and gathered data about which resources were available to people. They realized that people had to use flash lights which required rechargeable batteries. Sometimes kerosene lamps or candles were also used but these could prove to be an hazard. This got them thinking and they decided to design a product which could provide light and could be recharged easily.

Source: LuminAID

Their product, the LuminAID Solar Lantern is a lightweight, inflatable lantern which is solar powered. It can provide up to 30 hours of light. LuminAID is made up of environment friendly, durable material which is waterproof. This portable lantern which packs flat is also ideal for hiking and camping trips.

Anna and Andrea have also come with PackLite 16,  PackLite Max USB, PackLite Nova and PackLite Spectra which include a variety of improvements to the original lantern.

Source: LuminAID

The latest addition to the LuminAID line of products is the PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger.  This solar lantern can also be used as a phone charger thus providing light and connectivity to those in need. PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger is yet to be launched and a kickstarter campaign has been started to fund the product.

You can contribute towards a greener planet by buying one of these solar lanterns.


The LuminAID products are available to buy here:


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