Mobile Robotic Printer – Carry it wherever you go

How convenient would it be if you could carry a printer in your purse or pocket! Hard to imagine, right?

Although everything is online nowadays, there are times when you need to get something in print, a hard copy. And what better than to have a printer handy allowing you to print on the go. Zuta Labs, based in Jerusalem has come up with just the solution for you – the mobile robotic printer.  

The mobile robotic printer is actually a ‘printhead on a set of small wheels which runs across the paper from left to right. Its small size allows you to carry the printer along with you wherever you go. It can be connected to a pc, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone through WiFi technology. It allows you to print on a paper of any size. It has a rechargeable battery with an on\off switch. The battery charge lasts for an hour.

All you need to do while printing is to align the printer to the  top left of the paper and send the document you wish to print through the Zuta app. If more than one page needs to be printed, the printer stops at the end of the page and resumes printing when you align the printer on the next page and tap on the app.


Now you can forget about the hassles of printing. Just carry the pocket sized printer anywhere and print whenever you want to.

The Mobile Robotic Printer is expected to be launched in 2017.





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