Motiv Activity Tracker Ring – Your perfect fitness partner

Health is wealth. Along with a balanced diet, regular exercise is a must if you want to achieve this wealth. The Activity Tracker Ring from Motiv is here to be your health companion so that you can keep track of your physical activity to keep yourself fit.

 The Activity Tracker Ring has an optical heart rate sensor which sets an active minutes goal for you. Some of the parameters it measures include the amount of time you are active, your heart rate, calories burned and sleep duration. It also measures the resting heart rate each night and accordingly sets the active minute threshold. It monitors sleep patterns to improve the quality of sleep.

Made from ultralight Titanium, the ring is meant to be worn around the finger. Being light in weight makes it convenient to wear it day and night. It is waterproof up to 5 ATM. The ring comes with two chargers, one for your desk and one with a key chain to carry along when you are on the go. The battery requires 90 mins for charging. The battery life varies from 3 to 5 days depending on its use.

The activity tracker ring connects to an app via Bluetooth to display your activity parameters. Personalized activity details are available to you through the app which allow you keep track of your goals.


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