Pizza Scissors – For that perfect slice


For that perfect slice of pizza – Just slice and serve at one go!

The most commonly used pizza cutter has a wheel attached to a handle. The cutter needs to be moved over the pizza in order to cut it. It however poses some disadvantages. The thickness of pizzas vary. So, it is difficult to judge how much pressure needs to be applied while cutting the pizza. The topping of the pizza may sometimes stick to the surface of the wheel resulting in wastage. Also, the wheel slicer may damage the surface on which the pizza is kept.  

The latest innovation in the pizza cutters are the pizza scissors. The scissors have a spatula attached to them. The spatula supports the slice of pizza by sliding under it making it easier to the serve the slice of pizza.

The scissors help overcome many of the drawbacks of other pizza slicers. They allow the user to cut the pizza while varying the pressure according to the thickness of the pizza. The topping is not disturbed and you get a uniform pizza slice, ready to be served.   

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