Polaroid Pop – Capture and share images instantly

Source: Polaroid

If you love capturing moments and sharing them with others, you will also love Polaroid Pop. Polaroid Pop has been introduced by Polaroid to give you the classic polaroid experience and much more.

Polaroid Pop is an instant digital camera which allows you to click pictures and get them printed immediately using ZINK® Zero Ink Printing Technology. You get to print full color photos in the Polaroid 3×4” format. You also get the option to include its classic border logo.

Polaroid Pop can be wirelessly connected to any mobile device using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip and used as an image printer. The Polaroid print app allows you digitally enhance your images using a wide range of options available like digital stickers and filters. It also has self timer making it ideal to take selfies. It comes with three color modes, black and white, color, and vintage sepia for iconic Polaroid look and feel.

Polaroid Pop comes with 20 megapixel camera. It includes a micro SD card with storage up to 128 GB.

Polaroid pop is expected to be launched in 2017.


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