Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed – For a calm and peaceful sleep


Source: Sleep Number

Life is increasingly becoming stressful. All one needs after a hard day’s work is a good night’s sleep. Who would not want to get up refreshed, ready to face the new day with fresh zeal and enthusiasm?


Source: Sleep Number

The company Sleep Number has come up with the ideal solution – the Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed. The bed has a Sleep Number® setting which can be adjusted to suit one’s comfort level. It automatically senses body’s movements while sleeping and adjusts its firmness and comfort level.

Another feature of the bed is that it can be warmed in advance – an aid for tiring feet. The best feature of the bed is that it can sense if a person is likely to snore and lift the upper part of the bed to prevent snoring. Now, worrying about your partner’s snoring habit is going to be a thing of the past.   

The bed’s SleepIQ® technology can even send data about the sleeping patterns of users to a mobile app.

This Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed is expected to be launched in 2017.




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