SolarGaps – Generate electricity with smart window blinds

All over the world people are working towards building a green environment by using solar power to generate electricity. But have you ever imagined that window blinds could be used to generate electricity? SolarGaps has come with an ingenious way to do just that. They have designed window blinds which can be used to generate electricity. These blinds have slats which are actually solar panels and can help you reduce your electric bills by 70%.

The idea of solar powered window blinds struck Yevgen Erik, the founder of SolarGaps who was earlier in charge of building eco-friendly houses and installing blinds in office buildings. Motivated, he spent a lot time in the fields studying the manner in which sunflowers always faced the sun. His research paved the way for this amazing innovation.

SolarGaps window blinds are so designed that they automatically adjust their position by keeping track of the sun round the clock. The solar energy so generated can be used to charge your smart home devices. It is even possible to store the energy in batteries for emergency power supply.

These smart blinds are ideal for renters who do not wish to spend a lot on permanent solar panels. Also, due to space crunch people living in apartments who do not have access to roofs can also take advantage of this blinds.  They are easy to install and can be installed either inside or outside the window.

SolarGaps smartphone app allows you to remotely control monitor and control the blinds. SolarGaps integrates with Google Home and Amazon Echo to enable voice controlled commands. It also integrates with Nest Thermostat to allow your blinds to adjust lighting according to temperature, thereby maintaining an optimum temperature in your room naturally.

SolarGaps window blinds are expected to be launched in 2017.


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