The simplest of paper organizers but such an essential part of our stationery.

How are we to organize all those loose papers otherwise? And just when you need it the most, it goes missing! Probably tucked under all those papers somewhere.

The first stapler was used by King Louis XV of France, way back in the 18th century. The stapler bore the insignia of the royal court.

Charles Gould holds the British patent (1868) for the stapler. This stapler used a length of wire which was cut as required and the ends folded in. Albert Kletzker holds the U.S. patent (1868) for a similar stapler. The ends had to be crimped manually in his stapler too. The stapler patented by Henry R. Heil in 1877 was the first which could both insert and fold the ends of the staple in one step.

The first commercially successful stapler was patented by George W. McGill in 1979. In this stapler, the pins had to be loaded one at a time but had an anvil similar to the one we see in modern staplers.

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