Uno cards

Uno” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Natecull

Who doesn’t love a game of cards? Uno, a colourful cards game, is very exciting and fun to play with family and friends. A perfect pastime for summer holidays!

 The invention of the game is also very interesting. It all began with Merle Robbins having an argument with his son over the rules of Crazy 8, another card game. Robbins decided to invent a new game which he named Uno. This was in 1971. He introduced the game to his family and friends who fell in love with it immediately. He invested $8,000 to have 5,000 games printed and started selling the cards from his barbershop in Ohio.


Merle sold the rights of Uno to a funeral parlour owner in Joliet, Illinois for $50,000, plus royalties of 10 cents per game. International Games Inc. was formed to market Uno which  later became a part of Mattel in 1992. The sales of Uno touched a new high.

Today, the game has become popular the world over. With many different themes and versions of Uno like Doraemon and Angry birds, Uno is a favourite among kids!

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